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IT infrastructure is similar to building infrastructure in that it consists of physical components that support the activities and services that are required by users to support business functions. There are applications that support key functions, servers that host the applications and data centers that house the servers. There is also networking infrastructure that facilitates access to applications and servers for the business. The term IT infrastructure refers to all of the components and elements that support management and access functions for data and information, along with other services.

Infrastructure Business

This Infrastructure is a business enabler as it improves access to customers thereby expanding a businesses client ie, it enables service providers to offer service in a convenient way and in the event of Disaster enables business to function for example during Covid-19 with cities being on lock-down business were able to still offer services remotely. With the convenience and fast service offering by businesses, any downtime would translate to revenue and reputation loss. In the above scenario and other situation Kawawa IT Solutions offers the expertise to manage this IT Infrastructure while you take care of your core Business.